ECU Remapping / DPF Delete

Based in Banbridge, County Down, German Motor Works can provide ECU Remapping to all makes & types of vehicles. We use the industry's leading DNA Tuning software to retune your vehicle's engine, to improve on fuel economy and performance.

We also offer a DPF Removal / DPF Deletion service to enhance performance and economy. Do you use your diesel car mainly for short runs? If yes a DPF removal will also eliminate expensive diesel particulate filter replacement in the event that you vehicle's system gets clogged.

GMW ECU Remapping Overview:

  • We use the industry leading DNA Software
  • Increased performance on power & torque
  • Smoother gains across the rev range
  • Save on costs by increased fuel economy
  • ECU Remapping for Cars, Vans & Motorhomes
  • Vehicle can be reset to its original state at any time

GMW DPF Delete Overview:

  • Helps improve on poor acceleration and MPG
  • Eliminate expensive repair costs if you need to replace the DPF
  • Eliminate overheating in the exhaust system & risk of fire
  • Prevent your vehicle system switching to 'limp home' or safety mode
  • No more blocked DPF if you regularly use your diesel vehicle on short runs