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Vehicle Diagnostic Checks

About Vehicle Diagnostics

Verhicle Diagnostic Checks

All modern vehicles use onboard sensors to report on the health & status of various vehicle subsystems including engine management. The sensors report to the engine control unit (ECU) , which in turn creates an error code. Some errors will display a warning light on the dashboard but often error codes can only be indicated by using diagnostic equipment.

GMW provides a dealership level diagnostic check and uses the latest diagnostic equipment from Bosch, Snap-on and others to diagnose the cause of the problems and advise what work needs to be done to rectify any issues found.

Car Warning Light Check | County Down

GMW dealership level diagnostics checks includes specific diagnostics for German Manufacturers. Our diagnostic checks are a set fee, there is no obligation to complete any works needed at GMW but we can provide very competitive quotations to repair any issues found.

Diagnostics Overview

  • Engine Health
  • Braking Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Body & Chassis Control
  • All Other Vehicle Systems

GMW Diagnostic Checks start at only £25 + VAT


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